Working with faith and constantly growing

Conducting mining operations in 4 quarries located in Mugla Katranci, Mugla Kozagac, Antalya Sogut and Burdur with 16 Excavators and 20 Loaders, Entas Mermer offers the marbles in the form of blocks, slabs or sized products both to internal and external markets. Processing their products in their Mugla Bayir plants and redirecting them for export from there, Entas Mermer continues to find new marble gems with new investments, and therefore enriches our national economy with new underground resources.

Machines in our quaries

Main Quarry - White

  • 12 Excavators
  • 15 Loaders

Second Quarry - White

  • 2 Excavators
  • 2 Loaders

Third Quarry - White

  • 1 Excavator
  • 1 Loader

Fourth Quarry - White

  • 1 Excavator
  • 1 Loader